South African Company
Fibre Drums  
  Our factory is equipped to develop and produce fibre drums around customer's products
and requirements. We produce Round Fibre Drums with or without steel crimped chime bands.
Round Fibre Drum
This is a sturdy drum used mainly for dry powder products (food and non-food) and semi-liquid products. The top and bottom bases are hardwood making the drum highly durable and versatile.
Volume Range 25 Litre to 250 Litre
Inner Diameter 305 402 505 510 608 987
Length As per customer requirements
1. Lockring with top & bottom metal chimb
  2. Lockring with bottom metal chimb only
  3. Lockring only with bottom staples
Thickness From 1mm to 5mm

Indlovu Fibre Bulk Container
These high impact resistant drums are used for the transportation of liquid products and are used primarily as one way non-returnable drums.
Specifications Made to customer requirements