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As the world's leading supplier for liquid semi-bulk packaging and specialty solids, SpaceKraft offers one of the most extensive lines of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) to meet the growing needs of shippers worldwide.

These IBCs are an ideal replacement for drums, returnable totes and eight-sided corrugated IBCs. Carrying up to 1000 Litres of liquid, one SpaceKraft Liquids IBC can do the job of up to six drums, sharply reducing the time and labor required for filling, emptying and handling multiple containers.

The SpaceKraft systems include a corrugated sleeve, inner multi-ply film liner in a corrugated cassette, cap and polyethylene shroud.


Nonhazardous Solids:

Unlike laminated bulk boxes and other containers commonly used, SpaceKraft six-ply corrugated totes can be used up to 30 times, considerably reducing packaging costs. SpaceKraft for non regulated solids can be stacked up to six high for optimum use of storage space and are available in a variety of sizes.